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Musicians of Ensemble Laudonia

About Laudonia


Laudonia was born out of a passion to raise the standard of music. To bring it back to its glory days. To go back over 400 years. To create a future for music and musicians that will be celebrated for generations. Through performances, master classes and workshops Laudonia's ambition is to bring Early Music and New Music to those who already enjoy it and to new listeners who will see the renaissance it created so long ago.

We seem to have lost the art of patience. Life is rushing. Time is precious. But there are certain skills that can't be rushed. Music is one of those. The strive for perfection in sound and emotion takes time, learning, perseverance, and passion. Laudonia has been created to revive a level that is truly outstanding.

Johann Rosenmüller O felicissimus paradysi aspectus Facsimile

Our Musicians

Laudonia has some of the finest Baroque musicians in the world to perform, teach, and inspire people to listen with new passion, learn to be the finest and ultimately raise the standard of music.